onsdag, oktober 05, 2005

An answer

Usually we are associating “consciousness” with humans and “instincts” with animals, hereby indicating that we are superior to animals. But we do not really know the meaning of these two words.

Dissociating ourselves from the other animals, an old religious trick, has made us blind to our own fundamental nature. A business where this blindness, ie “objectivity”, is imperative is Science which has been very profitable to us. But nothing is for free.

We are of course different in a lot of ways. But, even if our cognitive abilities are specific to the human species, the fundamentals of human consciousness cannot be distinguished from that of the amoeba. To gain, leave, avoid and keep are allways present and active imperatives in all acts of consciousness; even in the subconscious.

An answer to our question, which applies to you and Einstein as well as to the amoeba, is: Consciousness is fundamentally a function of all living organisms for survival, well-being and development.