tisdag, oktober 25, 2005

Not all blame on Science

Science alone is not to be blamed for being “ruler and shrink of society” nor for the following problems, as my first post “A question to be asked” may seem to suggest. On the contrary; without science human life would be shorter, less comfortable and exiting than it is, at least in some parts of the world.
What’s causing problems is rather, that the special way of thinking in science, ie separating “objectivity” from the subject, has become the way we usually think about allmost everything. By ignoring the subject, eg in local and global politics and economy, problems must follow; not the least for the subjects. And of course, through this way of thinking even the scientists themselves are in trouble.

While science is done, or made up, by subjects, the probability of scientific theories would be higher when related to the constants of consciousness.


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