onsdag, oktober 12, 2005

Processing Opposites

To live is constantly to be in states of opposition. While, to some degree, being socially integrated, and at the same time individually isolated, living beings have to react and adapt to a material world.

To survive and to reproduce, an organism need to “understand” a situation in order to “act” adequately. Humans, with an ability to reflect on a variety of situations, even managed to spread all over the world.
Regardless of species and situation every single organism constantly has to make "decisions" by weighing opposites against opposites, and the process of doing so is the purpose of consciousness of some kind.
However strange this may seem, we've separated our Mind from the rest of us, and instead of being able to understanding consciousness we've got “the Mind-Body problem”.

In the western tradition we are taught to look upon opposites as two conflicting ideas about something; not as parts of a process. Usually we are looking for objects and properties, ie "reductionism", while in fact we are looking at a process of interacting opposites.
Doing so we ended up in trouble, eg when physicists found that different correct and fundamental pictures of the world not necessarily was “true” at the same time. Moreover, we do not even know the full meaning of the word “exist”.

That some of our very own decisions obviously are inadequate to the global situation, is of course a bit more serious.